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Contrary to popular belief, being a tour guide is much more than just “entertaining tourists”. Especially in the UK, being a tour guide offers the opportunity to create unique travel experiences in one of Europe’s most historic and scenic regions.

As one of the leading providers of tour guide training in the UK, we will show you the many roles and benefits of being a tour guide.

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    More than just ‘tending sheep’: As a tour guide in the UK, you are an expert on the country and its people. As well as providing information about the sights, you will also give participants a unique insight into the culture and history of the country.
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    Varied tours: The focus is on leading tours that allow you to get to know the region intensively. Study tours, walking tours, cycling tours, adventure tours and boat trips offer participants a wide range of experiences.
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    motivated and interested guests: You will usually be dealing with open-minded and enthusiastic guests who take an active interest in the trip and are grateful for the specialist knowledge.
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    A fulfilling professional life: As a British Tour Guide you will have a varied and dynamic working life. You will discover new places, meet interesting people and share your passion for the country and its people.
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    Career changers are welcome: Previous knowledge of tourism is not essential. Many successful tour guides have chosen their profession out of passion and come from a variety of backgrounds.
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    Good earning potential: Tour guides in the UK can earn a good living. Salaries vary according to experience, qualifications and type of tour.
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    secure career: There is a high demand for qualified tour guides in the UK. The industry is growing steadily and offers good career opportunities.

IKTS offers

  • High quality training to become a tour guide in the UK
  • Flexible full-time, part-time and online course formats
  • Practical content and experienced teachers
  • Individual guidance and coaching
  • Support in finding a job as a tour guide

Become a UK tour guide and create unforgettable travel experiences!

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