Embark on a Journey of Discovery
as a Tour Guide with IKTS in France

France, a country synonymous with elegance and art de vivre, invites you to weave tales of romance, history, and gastronomy. As a tour guide, you’ll escort enthusiasts through the lavender fields of Provence, the sophisticated boulevards of Paris, and the vineyard-covered hills of Bordeaux. With IKTS, you’ll have the chance to illuminate the hidden corners of France, sharing its splendors with visitors eager to experience la belle vie.

10 facts about France:

  • 1

    Visitor Numbers: Annually, France stands as the world’s most visited country, with over 89 million tourists basking in its allure.

  • 2

    Visitor Origins: Tourists flock from all over, notably from Europe, the Americas, and Asia, to savor France’s renowned cultural feast.

  • 3

    Airports: France is served by over 30 international airports, with Paris Charles de Gaulle leading as a prominent global hub.

  • 4

    Hotel Density: Over 18,000 hotels offer a range from the height of luxury in palatial accommodations to charming rural gîtes.

  • 5

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites: With 45 inscribed UNESCO sites, France’s heritage spans from the banks of the Seine to the peaks of Mont-Perdu.

  • 6

    Historic Sites: History buffs can revel in over 43,000 historical monuments, including iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Versailles.

  • 7

    National Parks: The country boasts 11 national parks, each a testament to France’s geographical and ecological diversity.

  • 8

    Coastline: France’s coastline stretches over 4,000 kilometers, embracing the Mediterranean’s warmth and the Atlantic’s wild beauty.

  • 9

    Cultural Events: France’s calendar is dotted with world-class events like Cannes Film Festival, Bastille Day, and Bordeaux Wine Festival.

  • 10

    Cuisine: French cuisine, celebrated for its finesse, includes timeless classics like coq au vin, bouillabaisse, and a mosaic of fine cheeses and wines.

Has This Piqued Your Interest?

Has This Piqued Your Interest?

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get to know our Guides

For me every day as a tour guide is a wonderful challenge. It is a great pleasure for me to work with people and to give them new experiences. At the same time I enjoy bringing history to life for my guests with stories. Every trip is always a wonderful experience, after which we all return home with new impressions and more knowledge.

Shamal G. Foto

Shamal G.

Tour guide since: 1995

The decision to work as a tour guide at IKTS was the best idea of my life! You get to wonderful places and meet nice people.

Alexandra S. Bild

Alexandra S.

Tour guide since: 2015

I have been touring for many years and have made a career out of it. Travelling and  learning about the culture and history of different countries never gets boring. For me being able to share my knowledge and experiences and seeing my guests enjoy their holiday gives me great pleasure. We all love an adventure and travel is a big one !

Jonny C. Foto

Jonny C.

Tour guide since: 1992

The great thing about the job as a tour guide is that it is so varied. You are responsible for the organisation and moderation of the tours and of course the first contact person for the guests. One travels to wonderful destinations and always learns something new. I have learned an incredible amount through the job over the last few years, about places I didn’t know before, about history, culture, but also about challenges and how to be more confident in myself.

Christina I. Foto

Christina I.

Tour guide since: 2017

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