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in Denmark with IKTS

Denmark, a land of fairy tales and modern design, beckons you to share its stories from the quaint cobbled streets of Copenhagen to the windswept dunes of Jutland. As a tour guide with IKTS, you have the unique opportunity to guide curious travelers through Denmark’s rich Viking heritage, innovative cities, and tranquil countryside. Join us and be the narrator of Denmark’s saga, where history and innovation meld in harmony.

10 facts about Denmark:

  • 1

    Visitor Numbers: Denmark charms over 11 million visitors each year with its hygge lifestyle and scenic beauty.

  • 2

    Visitor Origins: Travelers mainly arrive from neighboring European countries, but there’s a growing interest from North American and Asian tourists.

  • 3

    Airports: With 8 major airports, including the international hub of Copenhagen Airport, Denmark is easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • 4

    Hotel Density: There are approximately 700 hotels, offering a cozy stay from luxury city hotels to seaside inns.

  • 5

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Denmark is home to 7 UNESCO sites, including the Roskilde Cathedral and the Kronborg Castle.

  • 6

    Historic Sites: Over 600 year-round open castles, museums, and historical sites await exploration.

  • 7

    National Parks: Denmark showcases 5 national parks, each offering a glimpse into the country’s diverse ecosystems.

  • 8

    Coastline: Boasting a 7,300-kilometer coastline, Denmark is a haven for beach-lovers and maritime enthusiasts.

  • 9

    Cultural Events: The Danish cultural scene thrives with events like the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the Roskilde Festival.

  • 10

    Cuisine: Danish culinary delights, from smørrebrød to pastries, highlight the innovation and tradition in Danish gastronomy.

Has This Piqued Your Interest?

Has This Piqued Your Interest?

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get to know our Guides

For me every day as a tour guide is a wonderful challenge. It is a great pleasure for me to work with people and to give them new experiences. At the same time I enjoy bringing history to life for my guests with stories. Every trip is always a wonderful experience, after which we all return home with new impressions and more knowledge.

Shamal G. Foto

Shamal G.

Tour guide since: 1995

The decision to work as a tour guide at IKTS was the best idea of my life! You get to wonderful places and meet nice people.

Alexandra S. Bild

Alexandra S.

Tour guide since: 2015

I have been touring for many years and have made a career out of it. Travelling and  learning about the culture and history of different countries never gets boring. For me being able to share my knowledge and experiences and seeing my guests enjoy their holiday gives me great pleasure. We all love an adventure and travel is a big one !

Jonny C. Foto

Jonny C.

Tour guide since: 1992

The great thing about the job as a tour guide is that it is so varied. You are responsible for the organisation and moderation of the tours and of course the first contact person for the guests. One travels to wonderful destinations and always learns something new. I have learned an incredible amount through the job over the last few years, about places I didn’t know before, about history, culture, but also about challenges and how to be more confident in myself.

Christina I. Foto

Christina I.

Tour guide since: 2017

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Maik Ollmann

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